Waxing – Hair Removal

Tired of cuts and damaging your skin from shaving? Afraid that your hair ingrown problem is an recurring issue too? Do you want to be hair free longer but dread the thought of the pain from epilation?

Come for a wax only to the best Specialists!

Wax Factor, voted Best in Singapore for Waxing. Visit our Mediterranean themed salon in Orchard Central, unit #04-18, where our experienced hair removal specialist will get your smooth in a jiffy within the privacy of individual treatment rooms.
We have beneficial pre and post treatments care and products from Australia and premium quality waxes from Europe. Providing you with the best possible and painless experience you will find in Singapore.

We pride ourselves on our high hygiene standards and overall cleanliness. Our equipment is sterilized after each use, our rooms are sanitized before and after each client. We have a strict no double dipping of spatulas policy.

We also offer excellent products for your after waxing care. From smoothing creams, serums, exfoliating scrubs to keep your skin smooth, prevent and treat ingrown hair to prepare for your next appointment.

DPL, A Painless Alternative

Get results fast! DPL is an advanced method of IPL that uses the light in a wide range of the light spectrum in a controlled intensity over the root of the hair that’s remove or the hair follicles. It is a painless alternative to hair removal.

Introducing a starter trial package that delivers rapid results with the DPL advanced technology killing the hair follicles
from the roots without harming the surrounding skin. With an internal cooling system that radiates heat while giving
out a cool sensation. Gain great results and be hair-free longer. Continue with the full course of packages and you see the difference.

The results; finer, sparse hair regrowth, lighten and even skin tone, last but not least be smooth longer. Why pay less when you get no results? Book your trial now and our hair removal specialist can advise you on your appointment.

• Monthly commitment for initial 6 months

• Rapid results by targeting hair follicles at the roots

• Sparse, fine and slower hair growth

• Lighten and brighten the surrounding skin

• Upon regrowth, maintenance visits of once every 2-3 months

• A painless alternative of hair removal

• Eliminates ingrown problems

• Be hair-free for a longer

• Subscription plan for a low affordable prepayments


• 3 to 4 weeks

• Maintenance upkeep

• Hair regrowth

• Removes dead skin cells

• Endless upkeep every 3 days

• You may get razor cuts

• Infection may occur through rusty blades

• Skin may be irritated

• Develops ingrown after prolong shaving

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