What is Airbrush Spray Tan?

Why spray tan?

A spray tan does not replace your sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen even after your spray tan, this protects you from the UV rays as well as protects your spray tan. Airbrush makeup has been invented since the new millennium, and the same technology is applied to the body. The rise of skin cancer cases has grown over the period of the last 50 years and made this new beauty technology thrive without harming your skin.

How long does a spray tan last?

A spray tan typically lasts 6-7 days depending on your skin condition, the weather and how fair you are. If you are well exfoliated and moisturised pre and post treatment, in some cases it may last for up to 10 days. For spray tan fans, they would start their tanning routine with an exfoliating body polish, followed by a well moisturised body before the session. After the spray tan session, they may use additional self-tanner to enhance the tones or even go for a second spray tan session after the third day, this would definitely last longer. 

Your Do’s and don’ts before and after your spray tan


– Exfoliate your skin just before your spray tan session as this removes all dead skin cells and prolongs the longevity of your spray tan.

– Use baby oils or lotion barrier, paying close attention to the palms of your hands and feet including your elbows and knees as these areas are generally darker.

– Keep your freshly sprayed solution on the skin, preferably longer by an hour to ensure the solution penetrates deeper to stain your skin giving you a lasting bronzy look.

– Always moisturise your skin after your shower, this ensures that your spray tan lasts longer. 

– If you prefer to go darker, do it in a few sessions with 2-3 days apart.

– Wear loose fitting dark clothing on your session, this ensures that the solution doesn’t rub off thus not staining the skin long enough.


– Do not shower in hot showers immediately when washing off your first solution. This will shorten the span of your spray tan. Lukewarm to cold water is best as your spray tan will continue to develop within 24 hours after the first application.

– Do not scrub or exfoliate after your session, it will result in patchy tones.

– If you have broken skin with wounds or an open scar, please avoid a session.

– Do not go darker in just 1 session, your skin needs to breathe multiple sessions is recommended if you prefer to go really dark. Going dark in just one session may result in uneven colour tones. 

– If stains go into unwanted areas, do not use alcohol to rub it off. Simply apply some baby oil into that area to diffuse the stain so it is not obvious. It will go away in a few days.

Miss Sassy XOXO

29 August 2022


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