The 8 Benefits of Waxing

You have heard it all before, the good, the bad, and the ugly about waxing. Well, we are here to praise waxing as one of the best hair removal methods, just because it is. The results: silky smooth skin with finer regrowth – guaranteed every single time!

#1. Less regrowth in-between appointments

There is a good reason why regrowth seems slower when you wax. The waxing process usually lasts 3-4 weeks, sometimes 4-5 weeks if you are lucky. When you shave, the razor is only cutting the hair shaft on the skin’s surface. As you can imagine, this is the reason why everyone will ask you to stay away from the razor if you’ve chosen to wax regularly. Once you have the habit of doing it regularly, you will see less regrowth once you start waxing consistently.

#2. Gentle exfoliation

Waxing strips off the outermost layer of skin, which means that your skin will feel smoother and brighter, but keep in mind that waxing is not exfoliation. It could remove dead skin cells sitting on the skin. Exfoliate your skin a few days before your appointment. And exfoliate them again five days after your waxing appointment. The pores will be closed by then. Post-waxing exfoliation is one of the ways to keep ingrown hairs at bay.

#3. Less prone to inflammation

Does repeated shaving lead to chronic skin inflammation? The answer to that is YES! Friction from the blade gives way to inflammation and discoloration to the skin. The skin reacts to inflammation by becoming thicker, and melanocytes (the pigment-making cells in the skin) become more active. Discoloration is more common in darker skin types. One salon appointment a month means less inflammation and even less chance of developing skin discoloration.

#4. Minimize the itching

When hair regrowth surfaces, the itching starts and giving you a prickly sensation. When you wax, hair will take longer to reach the epidermis; therefore, you will feel smooth for much longer. Once you start waxing, you’ll be less bothered by this prickly sensation.

#5. Avoid razor cuts

When you’re using a razor blade, there’s a high risk of cutting yourself because your hands are cover in soap foam that might be slippery when you try to slide the razor on your skin. When you wax, the professional will remove your hair with a swift motion and tweeze out the stubborn hairs for that clean finish.

#6. Eliminate ingrown hairs

It is imperative to use the correct waxing technique to avoid ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are hairs that regrow back into the skin and sometimes in a different direction, causing swelling and red bumps. The pull has to be swift and, the skin needs to be stretch while going at the procedure. However, you should know that you might be especially prone to ingrown hairs with any hair removal method. Fortunately, exfoliation, spot correction serum, or paste can be a great help against this issue.

#7. Soft wax or Hard wax

There are many different types of wax. Your waxing specialist will choose mainly from soft body waxes and hard body waxes for the intimate area and strip wax for smaller areas such as the face. Different type of wax works differently but with the same goal, to remove your hair safely. Various types of body parts need different strengths in hair removal.

#8. Enjoy undivided attention 

It is the only reason you should always choose to have professional waxing rather than DIY at home. Our therapist has gone through proper training. We are experts with the right techniques and a wealth of work experience under our belt. When you wax, your skin will be stress-free and, if you do it wrong, it is at risk of various complications. Go to a professional waxer instead of trying to save a bit of money by doing it yourself. 

Miss Sassy XOXO

Posted on 18 May 2021

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