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Tanning yourself on a tropical island, where sunlight is plentiful, is not a problem. But to find the time and getting the desire shades, even color tone maybe a challenging part. And to avoid getting yourself from sunburnt, or having the risk of skin cancer. A safe alternative will be airbrush tanning.

At Wax Factor, our airbrush tanning is from Sjolie, a USA brand that is organic, paraben-free, erythrulose free and fragrance-free.  Sjolie is certified vegan by PETA Foundation.  So it is a safe product to put on the skin and reduce the risk of skin allergy.  

Curious as to how airbrush tanning is done? what preparation to be made before the session? Let’s Wax Factor give you the answer.

Give yourself a good scrub before your airbrush tanning session, this helps the tanning to stay longer. Wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid light colour clothing during the tanning appointment. Have a chat with our therapist on your purpose for the tanning so that our therapist can assist you to find the suitable shades. The tanning only took you about 30 min and 20 min to have the colour set in and it has done.  

There is also a range of aftercare product to maintain the shade till your next visit. So stop baking yourself under the sun, do your tanning with Wax Factor. 

Why Airbrush Spray Tan?

Fancy getting a tan? Tanning defines your athletic body, it balance out the uneven skin tone. Giving you a healthy-looking skin instead of a pale look.

Getting an airbrush tan is a safe and effective way to achieve your desired shades.  Suntanning too long under the sun may risk you in getting sunburn or skin cancer for long-term exposure.

After the airbrush tanning session, there are aftercare products that enable you to extend the perfect shade until your next visit.  Our tanning technicians are always here to address your concerns. 

Before & After Tanning Care

• Exfoliate before your session, focus on the dry areas such as elbows, knees, hands, feet, and the back of your body. 

• Avoid waxing or committing to other spa treatments on the day of your session.

• Do not use other moisturizers unless it is specifically formulated for sunless tanning or oil-free.

• Avoid wearing perfumes, deodorant, or body makeup that can create a barrier against the skin. 

• Avoid wearing tight clothing or underwears, shoes such as boots, socks, or tights, which may rub off some of the spray tan and caused uneven results.

• Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes. If possible, wear nail polish. A clear coat or colored nail polish will help protect your nails from the tanning stain.

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