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Do men need waxing?

If a woman needs waxing, so do man. Waxing is  gentleman body grooming, it does not mean you are less masculine. You are just more polished! Monthly waxing promotes finer hair regrowth and, most importantly you will be smoother because shaving will stubble after a day with possible ingrown problems. Wax Factor had concluded the five most common body parts that men go for: Back, shoulders, legs, private area and face. Gentlemen, try your 1-for-1 boyzilian session at Wax Factor today! 

Men's hair removal

Waxing does not make you less masculine however, you will be well put together as a well-groomed gentleman. Wax Factor carry waxes that’s suitable for men giving you swift and great results. The wax product for men are generally stronger and will remove even the most stubborn hairs. Guys with excessive hair growth are deemed unhygienic and aesthetically not pleasing. Hair removal helps to reduce body odour especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Shaving at home is not advisable as you may cut yourself, promote ingrown problems that lead to inflammation or infection. Choose a wax salon and have it done professionally. IPL is long-term hair reduction which is another option for you, using advance light technology to remove hair follicle at the root. Speak to our hair removal specialist today!

The after-care after Hair Removal services

√ Avoid swimming as the pool contains chlorine.

√ Avoid scratching or touching the treated area with uncleaned hands.

√ Avoid working out and be in hot steam room/bath as the open pores will cause infection.

√ Apply only the recommended after-care products or treatment lotion.

√ Body scrub or exfoliating may be done only after 7 days after your treatment.

I went to Wax Factor for the first time and was surprised by Nana excellent service and skill, it was totally painless!

Jun Jie Xhyrius Foo

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