Bikini Care

Bikini Care is our special formulated service offered for ladies who want to take care of their inner beauty. 

Bikini Whitening & Vajacial Care 

Bikini Whitening Services For Ladies

Bikini whitening services is one of the bikini care that Wax Factor offers. It is fundamental in self-care and body-grooming. When it’s time for the beach, showing off your bikini wear can be embarrassing when you have dark spots from that area. There are several reasons why the discolouration of your skin. Due to scarring from ingrown hair issues, friction from a blunt razor against the dry skin when shaving, accumulation of dead skin cells that build up over time. Prolonged exposure to the sun without any SPF protection may be another damaging factor. Hyperpigmentation will occur over a long period of doing the same routine. Wax Factor can eliminate those issues with our Bikini Whitening services.

The Treatment

Bikini whitening treatment is a solution that tones lightens and brightens dark spots and to even the skin tone. For best results, do it a few days after your waxing services. Waxing will remove your hair as well as dead skin cells. This will naturally result in a brighter skin condition. Our skin will regenerate a new layer of skin in the epidermis every 28 days. Combining waxing services with the treatment and with our latest DPL technology it will drastically improve the appearance of your skin tone. The affected area will whiten and brighten over time with frequent treatment.

Vajacial Care

In today’s society, beauty does not mean only a pretty face, a beautiful body is equally important. Vajacial Flora Therapy is a ‘facial’ that is performed on the vulva of the vagina. This speciality 75min treatment focuses on the bikini line and outer labia majora.

Vajacial Flora Therapy is a post-Brazilian waxing service. Brazilian had become a popular hair removal choice as more ladies are concern about the hygiene and odours due to vaginal discharge. The bacteria that lingers on the skin could cause infection, therefore keeping the vulva of the vagina clean is the most important. This “facial” treatment involves a range of products that carried skin renewal boosters and specific aftercare creams based on different skin conditions to apply.

The Treatment

The Vajacial Flora Therapy consists of cleansing, an exfoliating enzyme, hydrates and calming masks, extracting of any ingrown hair and skin lightening cream.  A vajacial care is not just for vanity’s sake – it is a proven clinical treatment to deeply cleanse, treat, correct and protect our inner beauty.


At Wax Factor, we strive in delivering results to our customers. We address your concerns and propose suitable options for skin issues and conditions. All the bikini treatment products are proven to deliver visible results.  This treatment will correct, hydrate and protects with specifically formulated serums to prevent situations such as infections, irritations or ingrown hair.



1st Trial Offer

Bikini Whitening $78 

Vajacial Flora Therapy $99


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