Boyzilian Waxing & Brazilian Waxing Services

Boyzilian waxing & Brazilian waxing services was a time in the past when it has to be something just for the fairer sex. Brazilian waxes, epilation and laser hair removal services were always marketed mainly towards women. That was how things were; men were hairy, women were hairless. Things have started to change, though, as male grooming becoming more popular than ever; Brazilian or Boyzilian waxing services are gaining traction in Singapore.

While in the past, masculinity was often measured by how rugged and hairy men were. There has been a change in people and society’s perception of what masculinity means — having body hair considered by many to be unhygienic, as an extension of that changing opinion. These men failed to get rid of body hair viewed to be unsleek.

Sure, you can do it yourself if you are handy with a razor, but you run the risk of dealing with razor burn in places that it’s just not cool or acceptable to scratch that itch out of in public.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Now, where can you go when you want help with getting rid of your unsightly hair?  Turn to Wax Factor. Professional, fast, and no-nonsense, they offer safe and hygienic waxing services to give you that smooth finish that offers to make you feel on top of the world. Besides waxing, you can get to experience our new hair removal technology Dynamic Pulsed Light Hair Removal.

Benefits of Dynamic Pulsed Light Hair Removal

We also offer dynamic pulsed light hair removal, it is a cutting-edge technique using advanced technology that targets and eliminates all unwanted hair follicles at the very roots without damaging the tissue in the surrounding areas. Most importantly it is painless!  We believe that you will agree that it is perfect for the more sensitive parts of the male physique. Click to find out more on DPL

Get it now

If you are ever keen on finding out more about the Boyzilian or Brazilian waxing services or dynamic pulsed light hair removal, get in contact with us today. The warm and friendly team will be happy to arrange a time for you to come in and answer any questions and queries you have about waxing services. Say goodbye to all unwanted hair and say hello to a smoother, healthier body!

Act now, call us or book a session with our friendly professional therapists who are ready to serve you on your hair removing needs.

After Care Tips

1. Avoid swimming, as will have an increased risk of getting an infection.

2.  Avoid the sauna and hot yoga.

3.  Stick with gentle, fragrance-free body products for the first few days.

4. Opt for loose clothing. Anything tight-fitting can rub raw spots and irritate.

5. Activities such as running, aerobics, or cycling can cause friction in treated areas.

Reviews Speak For Us

Darryl Ng 21 weeks ago
It was my first time waxing. I enjoyed the entire experience because of nana! She was very professional about it! It was not too painful either.

Yvonne Tay 29 weeks ago
I love the service of Nana, she is professional and friendly.

Tanya Low 30 weeks ago
My first time here at Wax Factor was really pleasant! All the staffs are very friendly. My therapist, NaNa did a really well-done job. She was professional and her skills are impeccable. She made me feel really comfortable during the whole process. I’ve been doing Brazilian waxing for a couple of years now and this is one of the best experience. 🙂

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