Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL)

Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) Explained

Dynamic Pulsed Light is an advanced technology in hair removal. DPL/IPL both is a light therapy that removes hair and hyperpigmentation, giving you natural-looking, silky smooth skin. The service is an incredibly beneficial treatment for the more sensitive area like Brazilian or Boyzilian.

The difference between IPL and DPL



Dynamic Pulsed Light
  • No ice or numbing cream needed.
  • Cool sensation during the process.
  • 100% painless.
  • See result between 1-3 sessions

What is Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) Therapy?

If you’ve ever wanted to throw out all the harsh hair removal products from your home and get an effective, non-invasive treatment, Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) therapy is a definite go-to! Offering a stronger yet gentler solution to hair removal, the Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) device converts light energy into heat energy, triggering the root of the hair.

Our DPL hair removal service is definitely a painless alternative in removing hair, killing the hair follicle from the root. It does not damage the surrounding skin and it is even lighter and brightens the dark treated area. Giving the skin some healthy glow. Experience the complete treatment of the package to see the result of finer, sparse hair regrowth, light skin tone and of course skilly smooth.

What’s more, the treatment can also assist in hair and skin pigmentation, giving you a natural-looking, silky-smooth skin area. This is an especially beneficial treatment for the more sensitive areas – as it is painless!

Want a non-invasive, safe, non-irritating, and effective hair removal treatment? Then Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) therapy is the answer to your hair growth struggles!

Wax Factor Your Go-To for Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) Therapy

We Care for Your Skin We’re highly specialised in skincare, allowing us to give you a personalised skin treatment that suits any skin type.

Wax factor offers several other waxing services such as boyzilian waxing services, bikini care and so forth.

Act now, call us or book a session with our friendly professional therapists who are ready to serve you.

Reviews Speak For Us

Jeg Espinosa 23 weeks ago
A pleasant, cosy place, friendly and professional therapist! What more could I ask for?! Wax factor has it all! Done the Brazilian wax a second time and again they never failed to amaze me. What a great service! The therapist is very humorous, gentle and meticulous in their work. Shout out to Imelda, who’s very patient and accommodating. Tried the DPL too and it was a very satisfying, instant result! Thanks, Imelda for the recommendation, promise will definitely come back again.

Marie Kk   5 weeks ago
Am African with dark skin was really impressed with the DPL hair removal they have a machine that favours all skin colour I didn’t get burnt and saw results on just my third session. Totally worth it more so if your dark skin. I really had lots of dark spots from razor bumps which are now gradually lightening. All the ladies are friendly

Herlene Chng 16 weeks ago
Super pleased with their service, I was a little afraid because it was my first time trying out DPL. But the staff was very kind and reassuring the whole process was not awkward at all 💜 had a wonderful time there. I was still having thoughts on continuing with the service and they are not hard selling at all.

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