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Waxing Services

Waxing services are no longer just a DIY or using a razor to get rid of the unsightly hair that may hurt or even cause infection. Today professional waxing salons are easily found but where to find a good salon that is clean and hygienic, great wax products and well-trained therapists that are able to give good results to reduce the pain level. Look no further, Wax Factor is the answer.

Wax Factor offers a plethora of treatments, from hair removal, Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL), body care and facial treatments, with a team of experienced and skilful specialists bringing you a new edge in the waxing & beauty industry. Our hair removal services are comparable to the other players in the market, if not better. We brought to you only the high-grade quality of waxes, technology and products from Europe and the USA that exceeds our clientele’s expectations.

Our Story

Wax Factor started off at the busy shopping belt of Orchard Road. Our main branch is located in Orchard Central with hair removal services. Besides our main waxing and DPL services, we have expanded our services such as facial, vajacial and lashes with a team of professional therapists in our latest branch at Anson building @Core Collective. The Wax Factor management and therapists always keep themselves updated in the beauty trends and new development, so we can pass our knowledge to you.

Our Mission 

Wax Factor designed our services to meet your needs. From the planning of the service menu to the selection of our products, we ensure that all meet our high quality service standard. We not only take great care of the hair removal but aftercare such as bikini whitening, vajacial and ingrown treatments as well. At Wax Factor, we strive to deliver the best service under one roof.

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