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We added a full range of facial treatments to our menu bringing you most value-added services. Our hydrating facial is one of the most popular treatments. All facial treatments, products and techniques are by Bellewave Switzerland. We choose only the best for you. Swiss premium products that bring results. Choose from any of the seven comprehensive professional in-salon treatment for a full pampering.

Our approach to self-love and pampering ritual, Bellewave is backed by scientific experience and extensive research in the field of cellular skin treatment. The brand is continually creating innovative products that are clinically proven to yield great results in your skincare regime.

Facial Pampering that’s backed by Science

Active ingredients that is of small molecules, it is absorb onto the skin surface faster and immediately improve our skin biological function. Bellewave formulations maintain the health and the vitality of the skin cells and preserve the overall youthful appearance.

Combining the technology with our finest time-released ingredients, it promotes skin synthesis over time leaving your skin looking supple and radiant. The brand, Bellewave firmly believes in safe and effective botanical extracts to sustain, rejuvenate and regenerate our skin cells. A revolutionary approach  by the team of dermatologist and biochemists striving to concoct the most precise blend of bio ingredients ensuring the range of products treats the specific skin concerns in a safe and effective way. 

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