Hair Removal Reimagined

Hair Removal Services Reinvented

Waxing services has dramatically evolved over the past century. It began in the first civilisation of the ancient Egyptians, where the ladies in waiting assisted their mistresses in waxing services and the ancient Egyptians believed that personal hygiene marked three social classes within their society.

Today, we live in a society where not removing our underarms, legs and bikini or Brazilian can be embarrassing and make us look unflattering.  Though shaving is still a brilliant way of removing hair, salons and professionals have developed other excellent ways to make the skin feel smooth and the confidence boosted!

At Wax Factor, we provide not only just a range of hair removal services such as waxing or Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL), the latest in semi-permanent hair removal technology, but also aftercare services such as Bikini Whitening Care, Vajacial care.

Have a Great Hair Removal Experience

So, you’ve decided to go for your first waxing. You might have read up on all the incredible benefits of these hair removal options and found a way right around the corner to get it done. The only problem is, you don’t feel that their cleanliness or professionalism standards are up to scratch.

Don’t give up! Whether you have a few general concerns or have had a bad experience with DIY products at home, your waxing experience doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable one.

The Only Way Forward

At Wax Factor, we offer our customers a unique, personalised experience. With waxing services, Brazilian waxing services or Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL), you can count on us. To further enhance your experience, a build-in bidet for pre-cleansing before the session, to keep confidentiality and comfort at a maximum.

We also care about your skin, which is why we use products and perform treatments that are the best option based on your unique skin type. And the sensitivity of the area you want to rid of hair. And because our staff sees all the stubborn spots and hairs, we guarantee there won’t be any patches left – unless you want them there. It’s quick, safe, and ultra-convenient – especially if you need a solution that lasts.

Your Smooth Journey Starts with Us

Shaving or using a DIY method takes time – especially if you want to do it properly. But somehow, right after you’ve shaven and you get irritated bumps through your pores, it feels as if your hairs are growing back by the second! With waxing services, you can literally walk into a salon, get a high-quality and effective treatment, and walk out knowing you’ll be smooth for weeks.

Terrible Shave Bumps? What are those?
When you shave for an extended period. The skin tends to develop bumps, which are itchy and uncomfortable. Sometimes, these bumps turn out to be ingrown hairs that often get infected, resulting in pimple-like reactions. Such lumps are embarrassing, painful, and not worth it! However, with waxing, you don’t get uncomfortable red bumps, and your skin feels silky and exfoliated.

No Hair Removal Injuries
Have you ever shaved your down south?  Only to cut yourself and experience the razor nicks? You shouldn’t suffer in your self-grooming routine even if waxing feels a little uncomfortable. Ditch the razor and go for professional salon waxing services or even a painless DPL session.  You do not need a plaster to enjoy the softness afterwards.

Be Confident
Shaving the bikini area can often leave hyperpigmentation on your skin. The friction of a razor against sensitive skin might incur micro-tears on the skin causing the melanin to reproduce.  So, wearing a bikini will naturally expose the stubble, or even worse, the ingrown hairs! Waxing is swift, effectively turns bikini season into boardshorts season, removes the hair entirely, leaving no residual tinge and certainly no ingrown hair bumps!

Long-Lasting Silky Skin
Not only do the effects of waxing last longer than shaving, but the hair will also grow back thinner!

These are just some reasons why having your hair removed by a professional is so much better than trying to do it at home or just giving up. No matter your gender, excessive body hair is embarrassing when located in places that shouldn’t be hairy in modern society.


See What Customers Say About Us

Excellent results even after for a few sessions! I always feel comfortable and confident coming here. Definitely will recommend Wax Factor to my friends!


The therapist made small talks during the treatment, as it’s my first time doing boyzilian waxing, before I know it, it is over!


I always had a wonderful experience here and sales is not pushy. They sell only what I need! Highly recommended!


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